St. Augustine

For many years I've enjoyed the Spring arts and crafts festival which was in downtown St. Augustine; now located in a large open area called the events field.The artists would set up their tents on the lush grass, displaying their arts and crafts. I would gravitate toward the watercolor artists, noticing their skillfully painted images with brilliant colors. They seemed to love being in St. Augustine, enthusiastically chatting about everything but their paintings. There are beautiful images in old St. Augustine that would be inspiring to any artist.


My line and wash paintings are considered impressionistic. I love to see artwork that is loose but true to the particular form. As an artist, my goal in each painting is to use as fewstrokes as possible trying not to focus on the details. The wide brush strokes give my paintings an easy flow to the various colors and shapes.







The paintings are signed, numbered and fit a 16x20 frame. To order artwork, please call: 904 429 6899

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New Work Original available

Line and wash using the opposite end of the brush dipped in india ink. Black smudging was done with a pallette knife. Paper was wetted and pigments were dropped in.





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